How Energy Efficiency can Benefit your Bottom Line: A Tenant’s Perspective 

By: Abigail C. Johnson, LEED AP O&M, president, Abacus Property Solutions, LLC Summer 2013

When thinking about energy efficiency in commercial real estate, we typically focus on building retrofits or best practices that benefit the property owner. Despite their obvious importance from a cash flow perspective, historically, tenants have not been part of the energy efficiency/green conversation. With the advent of the “green lease,” tenants are beginning to recognize they can benefit directly from leasing space in high performance buildings.

Retaining and Attracting Tenants in a Soft Market 

By: By Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development Summer 2013

With tenants in most markets continuing to favor new over existing office space or opting to renew in place, how can a building owner close a deal, apart from offering low rates, free rent, and significant tenant improvement dollars? Plenty, according to David Pogue, CBRE; Thomas Kruggel, Hines; and Mike Lipsey, The Lipsey Company, a training and consulting firm for commercial real estate professionals.