Industrial Tenant Hot Buttons

Fall 2013

At NAIOP’s recent I.con: The Industrial Conference in Los Angeles, a panel of brokers described the key features industrial tenants look for today in new space. These include the following:

T5 and T8 Energy-Efficient Fluorescent Lights. These lights use significantly less energy than traditional metal halide systems.

Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinkler Systems. In-rack conventional sprinklers can only control fires that have already started; ESFR systems can actually suppress them.

Roofs That Will Support Heavy Loads. Brokers are hearing more questions about roof loads, because tenants want to mount conveyer systems from the roof to maximize space inside the buildings.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Tenants no longer want their buildings to be in a FTZ, they want their buildings to be a FTZ. Fortunately, brokers noted, a building can be designated a FTZ in as little as four to five months.

Higher Clear Heights. (See "To Build or Not to Build to 36- or 40-Foot Clear?")

More Parking. No matter how much parking is offered, tenants invariably want more.
Super Flat Floors. These enable floor structures to withstand intensive machinery movement, such as forklifts that are almost constantly in motion, and allow for the proper stacking of shelves.