Worth Repeating Winter 2012

Winter 2012

Development ‘12, Washington, D.C.

From the session: Office Building of the Future, “The hackable building concept is targeted toward the ‘creative class’ who are the problem solvers of the next decade. It’s about serving and inspiring people, not housing them.” Shawn Gehle, design director, Gensler

Commenting on the length of the economic recovery, “Corporate America will press on our margins down the road, but I also think that start-up companies and small- to mid-size businesses are ready to start expanding and work with large firms as suppliers going forward.” William E. Hunt, president, Elmhurst Group

In discussing interior build out by corporate tenants, “They want to design their space from the inside out with flexible lease terms and bay depths so that different combinations of cubes or offices can be interchangeable.” Adam Saphier, president of central operations, Trammell Crow Company

From the panel: Attracting Capital Outside Major Markets, “The best opportunities for investment in the retail sector are large community centers with a leading (number one or two) regional grocer, strong in-line service and food tenants and high-street retail.”

Remarking on the key components of the CoreNet Global Corporate Real Estate 2020 report, “Change drivers are the multi-generational workforce, mobile technology and globalization. I think we’ll see a bottom-up effect where employees influence changes in workforce design and reshape the way work is conducted.” Richard Kadzis, vice president, strategic communications, CoreNet Global

Commenting on the importance of the last mile in the delivery of goods, “If I had a billion dollars, I would buy the United States Postal Service.” Curtis Spencer, president, IMS Worldwide, Inc.

Dev ‘12 Tweets

“HUGE growth is coming in e-commerce. When taking third party sales into account, Amazon is now bigger than Wal-Mart.” Jack Schultz, president, Agracel, Inc.

“Today’s interest rates and monetary policy are not the new normal. We are planting the seeds of future defaults in the loans we are now making.” Sam Chandan, president, Chandan Economics

“Do great things in your cities. Stick with tough problems. Make a difference.” JBG, 2012 NAIOP Developer of the Year

National Research Directors meeting – September 20, 2012

With regard to Gen Y workers…

“We are seeing a shift in how employees work — they don’t need walls because they don’t talk to each other, it’s all about texting. Newer buildings can accommodate this type of usage so their rents will come down.” Ray Wong, director, Americas research operations, CBRE

“Younger workers are starving for communication. They want to feel a part of something. Physical interaction is important to them so phone calls are white noise.” David Porter, vice president, multifamily research, CoStar