Chairman Bill Hunt

At Closing - Chapter Involvement Key to Economic Development 

By: William E. Hunt, president, Elmhurst Group Winter 2012

As Bill Hunt completes his year as Chairman, he shares some takeaways from his recent chapter visits. It has been great to witness the chapters successfully addressing, each in their own way, the challenges faced in their markets during these difficult economic times.

New Voices - NAIOP 2012 Developing Leaders Award Winners: Cultivating Passion to Build Career Success 

By: Denise Sena, communications senior manager, NAIOP Winter 2012

Recipients of NAIOP’s seventh annual Developing Leader Award are enthusiastic about the industry, and it is evident in the success they have attained in their commercial real estate careers. Applications were received from Developing Leaders across North America, and the honorees were chosen by a selection committee consisting of NAIOP members and industry leaders.

First Look - Research Directors Weigh In 

By: Elizabeth Sherrod, managing editor, Development and research director, NAIOP Winter 2012

National research directors from major commercial real estate brokerage and data firms gathered at NAIOP headquarters for an annual meeting where they discussed current and future market conditions for office, industrial, retail and apartment products. The topic of future demand for office space (square feet per employee) was among the first to emerge.

Worth Repeating Winter 2012 

By: Various Winter 2012

Comments and Tweets from Development‘12 sessions on e-commerce, the economy and the capital markets; and preferences of Gen Y workers from the National Research Directors meeting.