New Voices - Developing Leaders Focused on Building Connections and Knowledge in 2012 

By: Kathryn Hamilton, vice president of marketing and communications, NAIOP. Spring 2012

Since 2005, the NAIOP Developing Leaders (DL) program has engaged the fast-thinking, multi-tasking generation of commercial real estate professionals age 35 and under. In January, NAIOP polled the DLs on where they find valuable career resources, what technology keeps them in the loop, and where they see their careers heading as the industry somewhat stabilizes.

Chairman Bill Hunt

At Closing – The Chairman’s Perspective 

By: Bill Hunt, president, Elmhurst Group Spring 2012

During Bill’s year as Chairman-Elect, he visited with the NAIOP senior management team on three occasions. During his last trip, much of the conversation revolved around implementation of NAIOP’s new Strategic Plan. Among the numerous initiatives, there is a theme of support to the chapters, specifically with advocacy, education and training of the chapter executive directors and presidents.

Worth Repeating Spring 2012 

By: Various Spring 2012

Comments from Solution Series programs on the capital markets, the office of the future, food distribution/processing trends and tips for winning land use approval.