Worth Repeating Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Solutions Series Program, “The Borderless Marketplace: Repositioning Retail and Warehouse Properties for Tomorrow” – June 19, 2012

In discussing what’s ahead in retail, “Success in retail is anchored on excellence in logistics and supply chain execution. It must also be defined by how to control and retain the transaction, while meeting the customer on their terms and in their timeframe…stay tuned, the pace of change is frantic!”

Steve Schellenberg, vice president, business development, IMS Worldwide, Inc.

I.con Program – June 14 - 15, 2012, Jersey City, N.J.

From the presentation Industrial Data Centers – A Hot Trend, “Relative to 10-12 years ago, financing is available for data centers, but you need a tremendous amount of equity in the buildings to get reasonable financing. Lenders understand the industry and recognize it as its own property type. There are a lot of equity players who want to invest in data center space. The pension fund world has buckets of money for this type of real estate; they weren’t out there until recently.”

In discussing what makes a building a good candidate for a data center, “We get nervous about water. If you don’t have water capacity and resiliency, you have a big problem.”

Edward Russo, president and chief operating officer, Russo Development

“Besides water feeds, look at flood plains, supply routes for diesel fuel to generators for backup power; weather patterns; fiber and airport proximity and a utility that knows what a data center is.”

Brian Doricko, vice president, Digital Realty Trust

From the presentation U.S. Industrial Market Overview, “Class A assets are becoming limited; some feel Class B assets have superior upside potential compared to Class A product. Sales activity is expected to remain moderately healthy through 2012, with more significant movement and speculative development anticipated in 2013.”

Janice Stanton, senior managing director, capital markets, Cushman &Wakefield, Inc.

Solutions Series Program, “Talent Realities: Finding and Developing Your Firm’s Next Leaders” – June 5, 2012

Regarding the reality [or myth] of today’s talent shortage, “Some employers have mistaken delays in retirement for long-term workforce sustainability. It’s the equivalent of mistaking a category 5 hurricane for a light rain shower.”

“Gen Y workers want a hip and tech savvy environment, challenging work, flexible schedules and ample opportunities for learning and advancement. Pay attention to these and their recognition preferences so you’re protected from talent poaching.”

Sheila Vertino, former vice president, information and research, NAIOP Corporate

“Distressed Real Estate – Where We Are Today” Webinar – May 1, 2012

Remarking on the importance of jobs for the commercial real estate industry, “We’ve changed from a focus on jobs in the FIRE (finance, insurance and real estate) sectors to the ICEE (information technology, commerce, energy and education) industries with the emphasis now on the type of jobs, not the quantity.”

Ted Anglyn, president, Anglyn Property Advisors, LLC

Commenting on the new role of brokerage in the commercial estate industry, “Brokers today and going forward must have encyclopedic knowledge, be relationship centric, strategy based and serve as a confidante in a collaborative environment. To understand the challenge locally, the broker must truly understand the ‘size of the corral’ and the market globally, nationally and regionally.”

In discussing how to prepare a client for a workout or resolution by sale, “The client preparation must include setting expectations. The client must be told that it is a slow, and sometimes painful, process; no two lenders, servicers or intermediaries are the same; and other brokers and principals will be ‘circling’ during the process.”

John P. McDermott, senior vice president, Sperry Van Ness International