Worth Repeating Fall 2011

Fall 2011

U.S. Industrial Landscape and Global Manufacturing Trends” Webinar – August 4, 2011

Commenting on the impact of fuel surcharges and slow steaming on the supply chain, “Until we get increases in GDP, we’re not going to have significant volume going through the Panama Canal when it opens. Go out and buy Barbies and iPods to increase our GDP.” Curtis D. Spencer, president, IMS Worldwide, Inc.

“Railroads will not willingly surrender market share to the Canal. Intermodal container traffic is now solidly profitable, and can compete with coal for investment dollars. The business the railroads have now is the business they want, and they will fight to keep it.” Curtis D. Spencer, president, IMS Worldwide, Inc.

In discussing the current industrial market, “Rents are done skidding and are stabilized or growing in most markets. Speculative construction is beginning to re-emerge and there is an acute shortage of big box availabilities in most markets.” Jim Dieter, executive vice president, industrial brokerage, U.S., Cushman & Wakefield

I.con Program – June 22-23, 2011

From the panel, A Look into the Past with an Eye toward the Future: Development, Build-to-Suit and Spec Opportunities: “What I’m seeing out there is myopic dementia. An overabundance of capital is fueling it. We are not out of the woods. What we need now is reasoned optimism.” David Buck, managing director, USAA Real Estate Company

From the Inland Empire Mid-year Review presentation, “The recovery is underway and things will be good for the next two years; however, the Federal deficit is scary and consumers have more retrenching to go.” Christopher Thornberg, founding principal, Beacon Economics

Solution Series Program, “What’s Next for Retail?” – June 21, 2011

“Retailer demand is up the most in markets with eight percent or less unemployment, also coastal markets with high unemployment but a sense of rebound. There is a sense of urgency for retailers to get deals done while the window is still open.” Garrick Brown, national retail research director, Terranomics, division of Cassidy Turley BT Commercial/Chainlinks

NAIOP Corporate Board of Directors Meeting – May 2, 2011

Gensler discussing office space design trends, “One of the big shifts in the workplace today is from ‘work as tasks’ to ‘work as interaction.’ Top performing companies consider it two times as critical to job success as average companies.” Judy Pesek, managing director, Gensler  

National Forums Symposium – May 2-4, 2011

“Everyone is looking for efficiencies in transportation and internal operating processes. There will be expansions in the next 12 months but to smaller distribution centers. DCs in demand have 28-32 foot clear heights; 400-500 deep cross docks; fenced truck courts and trailer storage; T5-T8 lighting; and 3-4.9 inventory turns.” Terry Darrow, managing partner, Jones Lang LaSalle

In response to the question, “Is the wild ride over?” “It’s like hitting your thumb with a hammer – it feels good when it quits hurting. We’re in for a very slow recovery, but people are making decisions and there is money chasing deals.” Terry Darrow, managing partner, Jones Lang LaSalle