The downside of a real estate cycle is no picnic, but it is often the time when the best-managed, best-focused companies gain market share and emerge stronger as the economy heals. Such a company is Oak Brook, Illinois-based CenterPoint Properties.

Fall 2011

700 Sixth Street exterior view

700 Sixth Street: A Strategic and Adaptive Blend

By: Mary Margaret Plumridge, with updates by Lisa Steen, vice president of marketing, Akridge

In July 2009, 700 Sixth Street opened with a ribbon-cutting celebrating not only the completion of a project but a vision brought to life. Washington, D.C.’s Mayor, officials from the city’s economic development and environmental agencies, the project’s Tokyo investor, and its lead tenant were all in attendance.      

Santa Monica Place Center court

Santa Monica Place: Updating the Urban Experience

By: Richard W. Poulos, AIA, partner and executive vice president, The Jerde Partnership

Retail owners and developers are realizing the valuable opportunity redevelopment could bring to their existing, and many times underperforming, properties. Many developers are reformulating outdated shopping centers and malls with new, out-of-the-box concepts that provide a more attractive and compelling urban experience and sense of place.      

Accel headquarters

Innovations in Industrial Parks: Serving Integrated Supply Chains

By: Bob Monds, director of marketing and communications, The Pizzuti Companies

A decade ago, The Pizzuti Companies developed a 304,000-square-foot, build-to-suit distribution center for Accel Inc. In the fall of 2010, they again turned to Pizzuti to deliver a larger, more efficient headquarters and operations center to be located in the New Albany Business Park.