New Voices: Developing Leaders Share Their 2010 Insights

Spring 2010

Since its inception in 2005, the NAIOP Developing Leaders (DL) program has flourished in membership numbers and in the richness of communication and targeted education for commercial real estate professionals age 35 and under. NAIOP’s Developing Leaders are fast-thinkers, multi-taskers, well-rounded and extremely savvy, having endured very intense industry and economic highs and lows.

In a DL Intel Survey conducted in January, the Developing Leaders were polled about their outlook for 2010 on the most important issues facing the industry. In keeping with the DLs’ typical behavior, NAIOP Corporate asked and DLs answered. The findings are indeed interesting.

2010 Commerical Real Estate Outlook graph

Developing Leaders see signs of optimism returning to the industry, with approximately 56 percent predicting the commercial real estate outlook for 2010 as improving somewhat or significantly. Despite the hardships of the previous 12 months, a surprising 82 percent said they plan to stay in their current position in the industry. Only two percent said they plan to seek employment in a new industry.

Developing Leaders saw the strongest development opportunities in 2010 in medical office (24 percent) and public/institutional (26 percent) with multi-family coming in third at 11.5 percent. Finance and development were the areas of industry education that DLs said they need the most, with 44 and 23 percent respectively sharing that those are their hot topic areas.

2010 Legislative Issues graph

An overwhelming 83 percent said they are using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and 35 percent said they utilize these platforms for both personal and professional uses. Industry specific news outlets and Web sites are where 60 percent of DLs are relying for the majority of their commercial real estate news. Mainstream news outlets and Web sites such as CNN, MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal came in second as a primary source of commercial real estate news, at 25 percent.

The geographic location of the Developing Leaders who completed the DL Intel Survey ran the gamut across the United States and Canada:

  • 15 percent from the Northeast
  • 17 percent from the Southeast
  • 17 percent from the Midwest
  • 4 percent from the South Central
  • 15 percent from the Mountain region
  • 24 percent from the Pacific/California
  • less than 1 percent from the Canada Atlantic region
  • 5 percent from the Canada Central Region; and
  • 3 percent from the Canada West Region.
2010 Development Opportunities graph

NAIOP’s Developing Leaders continue to tap into the steady stream of resources that NAIOP provides from the DL Web site at, from targeted education programs, to joining industry peers on NAIOP’s dedicated LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The DL Intel Survey provides valuable insight into the mindset of these leaders.

DLs are blazing new paths every day and are continuing to be a dominant presence in the commercial real estate landscape.