Summer 2022 E-newsletter

Trends in Industrial Demand and U.S. Seaports

In a recent research brief from the NAIOP Research Foundation, authors examine the historical trends in port activity; local logistics employment; vacancies, rents and absorption rates in adjacent industrial markets; and more.

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Meet a Governor: Alan Kahn

“As the Fed unwinds their balance sheets, I believe that we’ll see a slowdown but the strength of the economy will carry us through,” said Alan Kahn, president of Kahn Development Company, on the outlook of the industry.

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Recent Research Reports

The NAIOP Research Foundation recently published “New Places and New Spaces for E-commerce Distribution” and “Office Space Demand Forecast for Q2 2022.”

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Rayevich Endowment to Support Distinguished Fellow from Florida State University

Ron Rayevich, founding Governor of the Foundation and president and owner of Raymar Associates in Sarasota, Florida, has established an endowment to fund in perpetuity a Distinguished Fellow at Florida State University, where he received his MBA in 1971.

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NAIOP CEO Thomas Bisacquino Announces Retirement

After 33 years of serving NAIOP and the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP President and CEO Thomas Bisacquino has announced his retirement.

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The NAIOP Research Foundation asked a Foundation Governor and one of his mentees from the Visionaries program about their approaches for handling the current economic climate and the value of the Visionaries mentorship program.

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