Ship under a bridge

We asked some of our Research Foundation Governors and Visionaries: "How have supply chain disruptions impacted your company’s project timelines and/or approval/permitting processes?"

“The global supply chain has been disrupted over the last year and a half. This disruption has caused a dramatic shock to inventory levels, and has created uncertainty among distribution companies about when inventory levels will return to normal. As a downstream affect, our industrial development business is disrupted as our tenants and potential tenants are uncertain about their future space needs. Occupiers' inability to accurately forecast inventory levels directly corresponds to their inability to accurately forecast space needs. Because of this relationship, both landlords and tenants benefit from stability in the global chain.”

Jordan Lott


Jordan Lott
President, Lake Washington Partners




“The supply chain disruptions are really a two-pronged issue for our business. Some of our manufacturing tenants are cutting back their operations, working only four days per week, compared to the typical two shifts seven days per week. Planned plant expansions are on hold as well.”

Robert E O'Neill


Robert O’Neill
President and Owner, Southgate Corporation