Rayevich Endowment to Support Distinguished Fellow from Florida State University

The NAIOP Research Foundation is the recipient of a generous gift that will launch a new era of support for its Distinguished Fellows program, which connects the industry with academicians from some of North America’s leading collegiate-level real estate programs.

Ron Rayevich, founding Governor of the Foundation and president and owner of Raymar Associates in Sarasota, Florida, has established an endowment to fund in perpetuity a Distinguished Fellow at Florida State University, where he received his MBA in 1971.

Mariya Letdin, associate professor of real estate, has accepted the appointment as Ron Rayevich/NAIOP Distinguished Fellow at Florida State University and will join the Distinguished Fellows this fall.

Rayevich sat down for an interview published in the MarketShare blog on the history of the Foundation and what he sees as the Distinguished Fellows program’s importance in reaching the next generation of commercial real estate leaders.

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