NAIOP CEO Thomas Bisacquino Announces Retirement

Thomas Bisacquino

After 33 years of serving NAIOP and the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP President and CEO Thomas Bisacquino has announced his retirement. Under Bisacquino’s leadership, the association reached new heights in membership growth, achieved significant legislative successes, and provided unmatched services to its members, now surpassing 20,000 professionals across North America.

Bisacquino’s successes also extend to the Research Foundation. In the late 1990s, former NAIOP chair Ron Rayevich suggested the association develop a research foundation. Working closely with Rayevich, Bisacquino was instrumental in launching the NAIOP Research Foundation in 2000, with the purpose of building better communities through practical research and education that advances the quality and makes evident the benefits of commercial real estate ownership and development.

The Foundation grew substantially in the intervening years. Bisacquino’s stewardship took the Foundation from its modest roots of producing occasional research to its current position of producing more than a dozen research projects annually. His guidance also helped strengthen the Foundation’s relationship with the commercial real estate academic community through the Distinguished Fellows program.

The founding Board of Trustees believed 40 Governors were needed to adequately maintain an endowment to support the Foundation. That goal was surpassed in fall 2012; it subsequently doubled to today’s total of 80 Governors.

Upon the announcement of Bisacquino’s retirement, Rayevich proposed the establishment of a Thomas J. Bisacquino Distinguished Fellow, and he successfully spearheaded a fundraising initiative to permanently fund this fellowship with more $110,000 raised from over 30 individuals, many of whom are current Foundation Governors and former NAIOP chairs. This new Thomas J. Bisacquino Honorary Fund will create a permanent Distinguished Fellow at the university of Bisacquino’s choosing. In addition to the fellowship, Rayevich’s fundraising success also resulted in Bisacquino becoming the Foundation’s 80th Governor. Rayevich presented Bisacquino with the Governorship at the 2022 National Forums Symposium in Houston, Texas.