Looking Ahead, Moving Forward in 2021

With 2020 in the rear view, the NAIOP Research Foundation is looking to the horizon to capture information and insights on what opportunities, challenges and transformations lie ahead for the industry.

Recurring research, such as the industrial and office space demand forecasts, always offers a valuable snapshot of various aspects related to commercial real estate, and will take on an increasing depth of importance and help shed light on the continued impacts from an unprecedented year.

New reports, including those on emergent construction technologies, wellness standards in industrial real estate, and tools for ranking real estate markets, will continue to explore topics most important to the people who work together to shape the experiences of individuals and where they live, work, shop and play.

There is a sense of underlying optimism among the Research Foundation’s Trustees, Governors and Visionaries. Many have experienced at least one recession or market correction in their careers, and they know that patience and perseverance are the key to making it through. The ship will right itself, some parameters will be reset, and an adaptable, imaginative and dedicated team will lead the commercial real estate industry in a new, changed world.

Join the NAIOP Research Foundation as we celebrate the accomplishments of 2020 and prepare for what’s next, as new trends, technologies, and tenaciousness propel us forward.

“There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic will continue to have a tremendous impact on commercial real estate, and you can count on the Foundation to move forward with new research and continued investment into the resources our industry needs to weather the storm.”

– Eva Stevens, 2021 Chair, NAIOP Research Foundation