Looking Ahead



Development Approvals Index

This Index will allow jurisdictions to be evaluated across several approvals-related metrics and quickly compared. Index results could be used as a benchmark for jurisdictions to improve their permit and entitlement processes and could empower developers to call for best practices in their local areas. The Index could also serve as a tool allowing developers to make more fully informed decisions about expanding into new markets.


Construction Technology

This report will provide an overview of emerging information technologies, building technologies and manufacturing processes related to commercial construction and will examine the barriers and opportunities that companies face to adopt these new technologies, including their utility during a viral outbreak like COVID-19.


  • Webinar on Industrial Space Demand Forecast



Alternative to Market Tiers

This report will present a new method for analyzing and describing regional commercial real estate markets in the U.S., comparing markets’ size to their risk/return characteristics and conveying this information on a two-dimensional grid. This tool will allow users to quickly compare the characteristics of different markets when identifying opportunities for investment or conducting due diligence reviews.


  • Wellness in the Industrial Workplace Report

Wellness Industrial Workplace

This report will explore how warehouse and distribution center design can be improved to promote employee health and thereby improve recruitment and retention. It will evaluate working conditions and workforce needs within distribution centers and recommend design features that optimize work environments to improve employee well-being.




  • Governors, Trustees and Industry Trends Task Force meet at CRE.Converge 2021
  • National Research Directors gather for annual meeting