Development Magazine Winter 2012

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cover of the 2012 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey

First Look - Hiring and Telecommuting Increase in 2012 

What’s on the minds of CEOs besides reshaping business models, refinancing credit and controlling operating costs? Employee retention, upgrading the talent base and hiring, says the 2012 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation and Benefits Report.

street sign that says work life balance

On Business - Keys to Work-Life Balance 

Even as the one-income family has faded into the past for most people, modern families and businesses continue to grapple with balancing work-life issues, including workers in the predominantly male commercial real estate industry.

bar code and delivery trucks

Under Development - What E-Retailers Need in New Distribution Center Locations 

As e-commerce retailers expand their businesses, and traditional brick-and-mortar stores offer a larger part of their products online, both are carefully selecting locations for new e-commerce distribution centers that will reduce operating costs while enhancing customer service.

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bar code and delivery trucks

First Look - Forces Changing the Supply Chain and Retail Sector 

The global consumer shift toward electronic-commerce, mobile device supported commerce, and social media supported commerce is changing how the retail and warehouse industries operate. This trend and its affect on the physical location of warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores, is detailed in the report,“The New Borderless Marketplace: Repositioning Retail and Warehouse Properties for Tomorrow.”

graphic of cloud over a computer

Tech Takes - Is There a Cloud Over Your Computer? 

Cloud computing is not the wave of the future, it’s the present. You are probably using the cloud right now if you are using social media or have a Gmail account.