State / Local Issues

Anti-Growth Ballot Initiative

Many chapters face anti-growth initiatives at the state and local level. This section provides an overview of Florida Amendment 4 and its defeat in 2010.

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Chesapeake Bay Pollution Diet

Learn about Federal and state efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and its impact on the commercial real estate industry

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Impact Fees

Impact fees are usually implemented by local governments to help cover the costs of infrastructure or other needed projects. These fees are very similar to linkage fees or proffers, and may vary depending on the state.

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Proposition 13 Threatened by Split Roll

In 1978, California voters passed Proposition 13 (“Prop 13”) to limit increases in both residential and commercial property taxes. A measure on the state ballot in 2020 aims to create a split roll tax structure and thus alter the way Prop 13 is applied to commercial real estate.

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Smart Growth Overview

Smart growth is the relationship between the public and private sectors in advancing growth that incorporates economic, environmental and community interests. The discussion on growth can also spur "not in my backyard" and other anti-growth initiatives, such as Florida's Amendment 4, that can halt economic development and job creation.

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