Researching and Evaluating Market Opportunities: A Two-Dimensional Approach Webinar

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Traditional one-dimensional tier and ranking systems (primary/secondary markets, etc.) can be helpful in prioritizing markets, but they also have limitations. A recent report from the NAIOP Research Foundation, “A Two-Dimensional Approach to Evaluating Commercial Real Estate Markets,” offers an alternative approach: using two-dimensional analysis allows for simultaneously evaluating multiple factors, such as size and risk. In this webinar, the authors of the Foundation report will discuss how upgrading to a grid-type analysis can help investors and developers identify their target markets faster and more reliably, aligning their strategy and risk tolerance to the markets that will offer the greatest opportunity.

Maria Sicola, Co-founding Partner, Heybrook West
Charles Warren, Ph.D., Co-founding Partner, Heybrook West
Megan Weiner, Managing and Co-founding Partner, Heybrook West