Essentials of the Development Process On-demand

Course length: 16 hours / 8 modules
Level: Introductory
Designed for: Developers, owners, investors, land planners, engineers, brokers and construction professionals.

This course, another of NAIOP’s most popular, examines the seven stages of a comprehensive real estate development model. The Development Matrix begins with raw land in the land banking stage and continues all the way through the development process to include building renovations and property redevelopment. Examine each development stage and learn how value is created, and the key players, critical tasks, controllable costs and major risks for each. Apply these principles to real world practices now – and learn how to perform basic calculations to estimate and analyze real estate values. After completing this course, build on what you’ve learned by taking the Advanced Development Practices course next.

Course modules:

  1. Overview of the Development Process
  2. Land Banking
  3. Land Packaging
  4. Land Development
  5. Building Development
  6. Building Operations
  7. Building Renovation
  8. Property Redevelopment

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