Basic Real Estate Finance On-demand

Course length: 16 hours/ 8 modules
Level: Introductory
Designed for: Entry-level professionals in development, asset management, finance, investment and brokerage.

The concepts presented in this course provide a critical foundation for any professional working in commercial real estate. One of NAIOP’s most popular courses, it provides entry-level professionals with the skills necessary to analyze the financial feasibility of real estate investment opportunities, and is ideal for developers, asset managers and owners who have very little financial analysis experience. Follow the step-by-step approach for completing a financial feasibility analysis. Gain understanding of real estate market participants, valuation fundamentals, determinants of real estate returns, the impact of leverage on real estate investments, interactions between the real estate space market and the capital market, and more. After completing this course, build on what you’ve learned by taking the Advanced Real Estate Finance course next.

Course modules:

  1. Introduction to Space Markets and Capital Markets
  2. Real Estate Valuation Using Direct Capitalization
  3. Real Estate Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  4. Real Estate Leases
  5. Determinants of Real Estate Returns
  6. Introduction to Debt Financing
  7. Levered Real Estate Investments
  8. Analyzing Debt Financing Options

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