Advanced Development Practices On-demand

Course length: 16 hours / 8 modules
Level: Intermediate
Designed for: Developers, owners, investors, land planners, engineers, brokers and construction professionals.
This course delves further into the Development Matrix introduced in the Essentials of the Development Process course, and specifically details the key tasks and main players in each of the seven stages of real estate development. It enables you to better understand why each task must be addressed even if a developer decides to undertake multiple stages of development, and appreciate what needs to happen for a development project to succeed. Completion of the Essentials of the Development Process course is recommended but not required.

Course modules:

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Financing
  3. Market Studies and Strategies
  4. Environmental Tasks
  5. Approvals and Permits
  6. Improvements
  7. Transportation and Accessibility
  8. Sales and Disposition Tasks

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