Stephane Desseigne

Seafrigo, USA  |  CEO

As CEO USA of SEAFRIGO, Stephane Desseigne specializes in the management of foodstuff sea freight for imports and exports.  

Seafrigo has developed a unique expertise in food logistics and specifically under a temperature controlled environment. We cover all levels of service for our customers: multi-temperature storage (Ambient, Cooler & Freezer), road transport, sea freight, airfreight, quality control and analysis, packaging and port drayage.

Seafrigo is an independent family group – founded and still managed by Mr. Eric BARBE - which started in 1976, opening its first warehouse in Le Havre (France). Due to the various activities we offer to our customers, Seafrigo have grown not only internationally but globally.

This growth has lead Seafrigo having a great presence in France (Le Havre, Marseille, etc.), in Europe (Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, etc.) and since 2002 in other area in the world (Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia etc.)

Seafrigo’s footprint has been in the United States for over 20 years, but has reinforced its presence with the construction of the State-of-the-Art Cooler in June 2013 (Dowd Ave.). Our engagement with the City of Elizabeth has been confirmed in June 2016 with the opening of our second Building a 150,000 SF Freezer (Fairmount Ave) and with the opening at the end of 2016 of a processing plant on the same location. Stephane Desseigne holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Seafrigo.