Nick Sanchez

Nick Sanchez

Zions Bank | Real Estate Banking Group  |  Vice President | Senior Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

What advice would you give to someone starting out in CRE?
There are two important keys to be successful in CRE:

  1. Be prepared for change! The only constant in today’s CRE world is change - changing markets, changing legislation, and changing attitudes toward CRE in general.
  2. Network! The vast majority of all CRE deals involve interacting with multiple people in the process. The more close contacts you have, the better. The CRE world may seem large and insurmountable, but on a local basis, you will find that it is quite a small world.

How has NAIOP advanced your career in CRE?
NAIOP has helped advance my career in CRE by allowing me to attend important networking events to which I wouldn’t otherwise have been privy. These networking events allow me to make key connections to a large number of important players in the CRE market.

Who or what has influenced you most in your professional life?
My professional life has been most influenced by the people with which I surround myself. It may sound cliché, but, surrounding myself with successful individuals has proven to make me strive for a higher level of excellence. Additionally, I have found that staying abreast of changing market conditions and studying market trends has been an important factor in always having a say in any conversation.