South America's First LEED Gold Automotive Plant, by GM

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Release Date: April 2014
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The General Motors Co.’s new Joinville engine plant in Brazil is the first automotive plant in South America to earn LEED Gold certification, according to a report posted to GM’s Fastlane website on March 12. The plant is GM’s sixth LEED-certified building, joining three facilities in Michigan (an assembly plant in Lansing, a data center in Warren, and an administration building at the Milford Proving Ground) and two in China (the GM China Advanced Technical Center and the GM China Headquarters).

The plant earned LEED Gold by incorporating the following technologies and processes:

  • A reverse osmosis water treatment process — the first automotive application of this technology — that saves nine Olympic-sized swimming pools of water each year;
  • A 350-kilowatt solar array, the first solar energy system in the Brazilian automotive industry;
  • An organic waste composting facility that composted 1,500 tons of waste in 2013, from all of GM’s facilities in Brazil; and
  • Efforts to ensure that all waste generated from manufacturing is recycled, reused or converted to energy. GM inpects the plant to join six other South American facilities and more than 100 GM facilities worldwide in achieving landfill-free certification.