Office Building of the Future, 2020 Design Competition

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Event: Development '12
Release Date: December 2012
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Boston Consulting's office of the future

How will an office building developed in 2020 look and function? How will evolving user trends affect building design and operations? To gain valuable perspective, NAIOP invited its architect members to participate in a design competition, seeking the most innovative concepts and designs for the office building of the year 2020. In this exciting session, the four firms selected by NAIOP judges as the winners of NAIOP's 2012 Office Building of the Future, 2020 design competition present their concept plans. Preceding the session, join us to honor the recipients of the 2012 Sustainable Development Award and get a glimpse into the history and development of the award-winning projects.


  • Rick Collins, Vice President of Development, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
  • Michael Klein, Vice President, Investments, The Penzance Companies