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Work Life Balance

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Event: Development '12
Release Date: December 2012
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street sign that says work life balance

The concept of Work Life Balance is defined, at its core, as one's accomplishing daily achievement and enjoyment - two very simple goals. Yet today they are difficult to attain for many of us. To complicate matters more, factors that may bring this concept to fruition change over time. This panel of successful real estate professionals discuss what methods that help achieve this goal have worked for them, and learn about some ideas that just might work for you!

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  • Anne DuMont, Vice President, Boston Properties
  • Barbara Schaefer McDuffie, Director Business Development, Baker Tilly


  • Sabret Flocos, Managing Principal of Virginia Office, FOX Architects
  • Laura Franklin, Executive Vice President, Accounting and Administration, and Corporate Secretary, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust