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Trends in Law Firm Space Planning, by Jones Lang LaSalle

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Release Date: January 2013
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Interior office space

The legal profession continues to be dynamic in space requirements and real estate needs, with ratios of professionals, office sizes, usage of libraries and filing volume just a few of the evolving elements, says the Jones Lang LaSalle 2012 Law Firm Perspective report.

Key Points:

  • Offices for attorneys have been standardized to two:  partner and associate, or one-sized for reduced movement.
  • Administrative assistants are being grouped into teams that have helped reduce the ratio of attorney to assistant from 3:1 to 7:1.
  • Document storage needs are shrinking, which recovers a large amount of former filing space for interior offices and meeting rooms that has proved essential to the changing environment.
  • Paralegal ratios are also evolving, so having demountable furniture walls for their offices makes it easy to change them to interior associate offices, administrative assistant desks or workrooms.
  • Administrative support functions are being relocated to a lower cost floor, building or geography.
  • Firms are focusing more on their lunchrooms and cafeterias to promote impromptu meetings, networking and social gatherings between attorneys and support staff.