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The New Reality for Life Sciences, by Jones Lang LaSalle

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Release Date: January 2013
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Facing pricing pressure and the need to control operating costs while boosting R&D productivity, life sciences companies are making ever-more calculated decisions about their site selections and facilities investments for R&D, sales, marketing and manufacturing, according to the Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Global Life Sciences Cluster report.

Report highlights include:

  • Boston remains the clear worldwide leader, with San Diego, Philadelphia and Raleigh-Durham rising in influence.
  • Trend No. 1: Mergers and acquisitions and growth of middle-market life sciences companies are benefiting smaller metropolitan areas, where facilities costs are lower.
  • Trend No. 2: Proximity to innovation — including intellectual capital and resources — is more important than ever for companies eagerly seeking new promising medicines.
  • Trend No. 3: Build it (the lab) and they will come — some states are aggressively competing for life sciences companies as economic development drivers.