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Mexican REITs in the Spotlight, by the Wall Street Journal

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Release Date: July 2014
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“Mexico’s fledgling market for real-estate investment trusts has come a long way since Fibra Uno launched the first Mexican REIT in 2011,” reports Amy Guthrie in a June 18 Wall Street Journal article, “Mexican REITs Enjoy the Spotlight as Investor Doubts Fade.” Since then, Mexican REITS have raised nearly $10 billion. With a new $2.5 billion offering by Fibra Uno, now the world’s 14th biggest REIT, and a $541.4 million initial public offering by FIBRA Prologis, the Mexican arm of industrial real estate firm Prologis Inc., “the first half of 2014 is shaping up to be a decent one for issuance on the Mexican Stock Exchange.”

“At least another three issuers may come to market this year, according to Mexican Stock Exchange CEO Luis Téllez,” the article reports. And, according to investment bankers “demand for Mexican assets remains strong, stoked by both liquidity abroad and a growing domestic pension system.”