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KPMG Survey Finds RE Executives Focusing on Geographic Expansion

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Release Date: July 2013
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Commercial real estate executives are focusing on geographic expansion this year, propelled by increasing economic optimism, according to a new survey by KPMG LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm.

The survey found that 58 percent of executives said they expect their company to increase spending most on geographic expansion, up from 21 percent in last year’s survey and 11 percent from the 2011 survey.

"Market expansion is an important focus for commercial real estate executives as they strive to grow the top line,” said Greg Williams, national leader of KPMG LLP’s real estate practice. “Domestically, the Southwest and Northeast are attractive markets because they are experiencing higher job and economic growth and thus have experienced a faster recovery, with property prices in select sub-markets within these regions at or above pre-recession levels.”

When asked how much new development is expected to commence in the United States in 2014, multi-family was identified as the top sector with 43 percent of respondents expecting “a significant amount,” down from 51 percent in last year’s survey, which significantly outpaced other asset classes. Nineteen percent expect a significant amount of development in retail in 2014, up from five percent in last year’s survey, while 18 percent expect a significant amount of development in hospitality, up from seven percent in last year’s survey.

“Multi-family is still the darling, but all sectors are expected to see an increase in new development as access to financing has improved for these projects, and executives are more optimistic about the economy’s growth prospects,” said Williams.

Seventy-two percent of respondents expect the U.S. economy to either moderately or significantly improve over the next year, up from 58 percent in last year’s survey. Additionally, 84 percent said their companies’ revenue increased over the past year, while the same percentage expects it to increase next year as well, according to the survey.