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How Today’s E-commerce Trends Impact Commercial Real Estate

File Type: Conference session
Event: E.CON - The E-commerce Conference 2014
Release Date: March 2014
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For one customer, it’s a pair of red shoes. For another, it’s an 80” flat screen TV. Aside from the item, customers now want their orders personalized and delivered the next day. Getting the right order to the right customer at the right time in the right way is no small task. And, let’s face it – not every company is a retail titan like Amazon or Walmart. But there is a way to compete! Today, companies are gravitating toward new pickup and delivery options. Things like same day delivery or shipping to lockboxes are altering the way facilities and stores are designed. Tompkins International CEO and supply chain authority, Jim Tompkins, will address the very trends that are impacting commercial real estate and provide attendees with a better understanding of how to advise retail customers and strategically invest in commercial real estate.


  • Jim Tompkins, CEO, Tompkins International

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