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Key Drivers for E-commerce Site and Building Selection

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Event: E.CON 2015: The E-Commerce Conference
Release Date: March 2015
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In the words of Texas Bix Bender, “If you are riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there.” So it goes without saying, E-Commerce is moving quickly and developers find themselves having to increasingly be ahead of it. As e-commerce strategies evolve, it might be good to check in with experts like our panelists for this session to make sure the herd (customers and retailers) are still behind you and not strayed off into another direction. How important is intermodal, or is drive time still a most critical metric in site selection? How will millennials and the rebirth of urbanization impact e-commerce fulfillment and where those DCs are located?

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  • K.C. Conway, Senior Vice President of Credit Risk Management, SunTrust Bank


  • Scott Belfer, Senior Vice President, CBRE Inc.
  • Amy Gerber, Executive Vice President, JLL
  • Michael Mullis, Senior Vice President – Real Estate/ Partner, J.M. Mullis Inc.
  • Hugh Williams, Principal, Avison Young

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