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The Investor’s Guide to the E-commerce Galaxy

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Event: E.CON 2015: The E-Commerce Conference
Release Date: March 2015
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interior view of a warehouse

The ever-changing demands of today’s e-commerce user create challenges related to the design and future functionality of modern industrial warehouse/distribution properties. Understanding the drivers and longevity of these requirements and how they differ from a more traditional user has resulted in the investment community further scrutinizing their allocation of “industrial dollars.” Whether it is on the front-end funding of a build-to-suit e-commerce development or on the back-end purchase of a completed and fully-leased facility, the institutional investor must analyze several factors:

  • What is the re-usability/long-term sustainability of the building?
  • What are the potential capital requirements needed to re-purpose the facility if vacant, and what are the tenant’s obligations regarding the condition of the premises upon lease expiration?
  • How does the dollar investment made today, relative to the current rental rate, correlate to the future rental rate? 

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  • Chris Riley, Vice Chairman, CBRE


  • Douglas A. Armbruster, Senior Vice President and Regional Director, IDI Gazeley
  • Dayton Conklin, Director, Clarion Partners
  • Nick Firth, Senior Vice President – Acquisitions, LaSalle Investment Management
  • Todd Platt, CEO, Hillwood

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