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Colliers Predictions for 2013

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Release Date: January 2013
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The Colliers International Global Investor Sentiment Survey revealed that most investors expect steady economic improvement in 2013.  While the global economy will face headwinds from the recession in Europe and moderating global demand for commodities, 2013 will end with a 1.5 to 2 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate.

Some predictions include:

  • The Intellectual Capital, Energy and Education (ICEE) industries will drive economic growth in the developed world. 
  • Tech growth will continue to support Finance, Insurance and Real Estate demand in markets such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Dublin and London.
  • Labor disputes will cause trade disruptions.
  • CMBS will be subdued for a fourth year as U.S. banks play the waiting game.
  • Price inflation will pressure heated Asian real estate.
  • Property yields in Asia will compress to historic lows.
  • India’s GDP will beat forecaster expectations.
  • Mexican economic growth will outpace the United States and Canada.