50th Anniversary

Celebrating NAIOP’s 50th anniversary leads us to look ahead to the next 50 years, and we invite you to join us by envisioning the future of commercial real estate.


NAIOP History Points

50th Anniversary

1967 – Founded in Philadelphia to support a special niche: industrial parks. Nine individuals first met on September 12, 1967.

1967 – (name) National Association of Industrial Parks (NAIP)  

1968 – 70 members strong, NAIP held its first annual meeting on October 23, 1968, in Pittsburgh. 

1970 – First chapter in NAIOP New Jersey

1971 – NAIOP’s first legislative victory: the eventual exemption (passed in 1974) of qualified industrial parks from the Interstate Land Sales Act.

1973 – NAIOP offers its first course: Industrial Park Development

1974 – First Developer of the Year honored

1974 – NAIOP legislative efforts focus on EPA, Interstate Land Sales Act, Common Situs Picketing, Federal Flood Control Insurance, and Building Energy Conservation Act

1976 – (name) National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP)

1976 – 654 members

50th Anniversary

1978 – NAIOP establishes Project Analysis program that brought seasoned industry veterans to evaluate and make recommendations for real estate projects

1986 – NAIOP leads legislative efforts to defend the industry against the 1986 Tax Reform Act that disincentivized investment in real estate and created a decline in the industry.

1988 – 7,500 members

1989 – Economic downturn with widespread bankruptcy among savings and loans. NAIOP was proactive in helping to find solutions to the “capital crunch” and was an active partner in the Economic Growth Alliance, an industry coalition dedicated to generating broad-based support to stabilize real estate values.

1993 – 4,449 members

1995 – (name) National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP)

1995 – National Forums program launches

1995 – Commercial real estate industry emerged from what was at that time thought to be one of the worst down cycles.  NAIOP’s members had remained competitive by broadening the sphere of their activities, with many being active in urban as well as suburban parks. 

50th Anniversary

2000 – NAIOP Research Foundation established to conduct industry research

2005 – Sustainable Development Award is introduced, recognizing members’ green development initiatives

2006 – NAIOP launches the Developing Leaders program

2008 – 18,000 members in 57 chapters

2009 – (name) NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association

2009 – Peak of the Great Recession; NAIOP introduces the Four Point Promise that captures the specific steps the association is taking to provide solutions that sustain its members businesses and facilitate returning the industry to good health.

2010 – NAIOP introduces Industrial Space Demand Forecast that analyzes important economic factors and net absorption data to predict future demand for industrial real estate.

2012 – NAIOP introduces design competition that envisions the future of real estate development

2014 – 15,000 members

2014 – NAIOP represents industry on Waters of the United States rulemaking with EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers, protecting members’ land and development interests

50th Anniversary

2015 – NAIOP strengthens CRE diversity with resources, best practices

2015 – Successful legislative efforts to make permanent a tax provision that is critical to providing consistency and simplicity for commercial real estate developers, owners and investors: 15-year qualified leasehold improvement depreciation.

2015 – NAIOP efforts lead to renewal of Terrorism Risk Insurance Act by U.S. Congress

2016 – NAIOP leads industry efforts on bipartisan legislation on energy efficiency standards in commercial buildings

2017 – Membership tops 18,000; NAIOP celebrates 50th anniversary


Quotes by Leaders

Dana Rowan

Dana Rowan
The Exeter Companies
1993 NAIOP Chairman

“It was an honor serving as your NAIOP chairman in 1993. The national real estate industry was in a deep and brutal recession. NAIOP helped our members get through this tumultuous period, so that we could rebuild and reshape our businesses. During these trying times, we forged lasting friendships that led to new ventures and collaborative real estate projects.  NAIOP changed as well, emerging as an expanded “chapter-driven” organization to complement its strong national roots.  NAIOP also helped form a national real estate coalition which lobbied successfully to establish a viable equity REIT industry providing essential liquidity for our businesses.”

Ronald Rayevich

Ronald Rayevich
Company Name
1997 NAIOP Chairman

“In 1997, NAIOP was only a shadow of the dynamic organization it is today, but it was every bit as important to the industry as it is now.”

Ann Evans Estabrook

Anne Evans Estabrook
Elberon Development Group
2001 NAIOP Chairman

“There is no question that my membership in NAIOP, and subsequent leadership positions on both the national level (National Chairman 2001) and at the New Jersey state level (only woman President to date (1995 through 1997)) have enhanced my career in industrial real estate.

The industry leaders to whom I had access, the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our industry to congressmen, and the many seminars and conferences in which I participated were all worthwhile career learning opportunities.  Best of all, I have made many friends with whom I stay in touch on a current basis.”

Robert Cutlip

Robert Cutlip
Company Name
2006 NAIOP Chairman

“Serving as chairman was among the most rewarding roles of my career, allowing me to establish lifelong business and personal relationships—an experience to be remembered.”

Lawrence Pobuda

Lawrence Pobuda
Company Name
2010 NAIOP Chairman

“In 2010, we knew we had survived, we just weren’t sure what the future looked like. When we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, many of our members broadened their businesses to include sectors less dependent on job growth, such as medical office and student and senior housing.”

Steve Martin

Steve Martin
SDM Partners
2015 NAIOP Chairman

“Being the 2015 NAIOP Chairman was a career highlight. It was the ultimate platform for networking and industry visibility. However, none of us should lose site of the fact that we all are drinking from a well dug by others before us!”


Reverse Time Capsule

Celebrating NAIOP’s 50th anniversary leads us to look ahead to the next 50 years, and we invite you to join us by envisioning the future of commercial real estate.

We’re creating a “reverse time capsule” that captures what our members and chapters predict for the future of both NAIOP and commercial real estate, specifically regarding the year 2042 (NAIOP’s 75th anniversary), as viewed from the present.

No idea is out of bounds: what will office space look like? Will we live, work and have e-commerce fulfillment all in one building? What will autonomous vehicles do for our roads, parking and garages? How many chapters will NAIOP have, and how many members?

The submission process is now closed.