Revati Rajwade

UC Berkeley  |  Graduate Student, Master of Real Estate Development and Design Program

Chapter: NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area

Revati Rajwade is a graduate student in the Master of Real Estate Development and Design (MREDD) program at the University of California Berkeley, and a member of NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area. After several years of work experience in the real estate and architecture industry in India, Revati joined the MREDD program to augment her skillset and gain holistic understanding of real estate development and its financial aspects. She has managed a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, prior to moving to the Bay Area.

Post MREDD, Revati aims to enhance functionality, prioritize sustainability, and ensure equitable development. Through her work solutions, she wants to break the industry belief that design sensitivity and financial feasibility cannot be achieved together. At this time of crisis, when the world is at the cusp of a change, she is thrilled to receive this scholarship from a prestigious organization which has the power to be heard, a mechanism to positively influence policies and the willingness to bring about a change.