Megan Lantz

HITT Contracting, Inc.  | Vice President, Research and Development
Falls Church, Virginia

Involvement: Board Member
Chapter: NAIOP Northern Virginia

Megan Lantz leads the strategy to push boundaries and drive change in the built environment at HITT Contracting, Inc. In this role, she has a wide range of responsibilities including developing strategies for growth and evolution of the business model, oversight of the Co|lab and R&D projects and developing strategic partnerships for the company. Lantz’s passion centers around strategic thinking and problem solving – identifying trends and developing strategies to support the growth of the business. She leads company-wide initiatives which are focused on changing the construction industry and finding new ways to build. Her key areas of focus are materials, methods, technology and performance. She works closely with a team of industry, product, material and testing experts utilizing groundbreaking and out-of-the box thinking to develop new products and processes. With her robust knowledge of commercial real estate and deep client relationships, she can bring the R&D projects to the market and turn research into reality.