Duane J. Desiderio

The Real Estate Roundtable  | Senior Vice President and Counsel

Duane J. Desiderio has advocated on behalf of the real estate industry for nearly 20 years, seeking policy solutions that balance responsible economic development while conserving energy and environmental resources. He is currently Senior Vice President and Counsel with The Real Estate Roundtable in Washington, D.C. The Roundtable represents the leadership ofthe nation’s top 100 privately-owned and publicly-held real estate ownership, development, lending and management firms, as well as the elected leaders of the 16 major national real estate industry trade associations.

Mr. Desiderio’s legislative and regulatory portfolio emphasizes energy, environmental, immigration, infrastructure, and land usepolicy. He manages The Roundtable’s advocacy on these issues with The White House, Congress, and executive branch departments. Mr. Desiderio staffs TheRoundtable’s Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee(SPAC), and builds coalitions to unify diverse real estate, business, and environmental stakeholders toward shared policy goals. He has testified to the U.S. Senate and has prepared witnesses for numerous congressional hearings on energy efficiency, wetlands, endangered species, land development, and property rights matters as they affect the built environment.