Cloteen Jasmin, Esq.

Ryan Companies US  | Atlanta Market Leader and Senior Vice President

Cloteen B. Jasmin, Esq., is Atlanta market leader and senior vice president at Ryan Companies US, Inc. With more than 20 years in real estate, she holds a wealth of experience in accounting, corporate management, brokerage and law. In her role with Ryan Companies, Cloteen is responsible for defining goals throughout the Southeast region and directing and managing the development team in Ryan’s Atlanta office, while building Ryan’s regional and national presence and customer base. Intrigued with architecture and real estate from her early years, Cloteen has a humanistic appreciation for how we form attachments to structures, and she loves the process of watching buildings take shape. Known for her strategic and analytical skills and creative problem-solving abilities, Cloteen’s multi-faceted background helps her understand the decision drivers for each stakeholder seated at the table and lead the way to solutions that move projects forward.