Yashira Gruszynski

Gruszynski Capital  | Principal, Co-founder, Commercial Broker

Yashira Gruszynski kicked off her career in mortgage backed-securities in NYC and later dedicated years to negotiating and managing multi-million-dollar tech and telecommunications projects. 

She is a licensed commercial real estate advisor and Principal of Gruszynski Capital, a private equity real estate firm that provides passive investment opportunities to the most exclusive real estate deals, the best U.S. markets, and successful partnerships in the country. Yashira is also Principal of Revival Capital Solutions, a CRE loan brokerage specializing in subordinate debt, equity, and alternative capital placement. She has a passion for marketing, branding, strategic business initiatives, process improvements, and cost reductions.

Yashira is a first-generation American with a calling to raise capital to develop commercial real estate projects that shift local economies and positively affect people's quality of life.

Yashira resides in DFW, Texas, with her loving husband and three children.