Michael Vander Ploeg

DLR Group  | Northwest Regional Commercial Leader

As the Northwest Regional Commercial Leader for DLR Group, Vander Ploeg advocates for the growth of DLR Group's commercial market sectors across the Pacific Northwest. Guiding a team of integrated design and engineering professionals, he will continue innovating the future of workplace with existing client partners while sparking new partnerships in DLR Group's focus areas including science+technology, hospitality, multifamily residential, and sustainable design and development.

His passion for design stems from his genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for the world we inhabit. As an architect and researcher, he finds better solutions to make our built environment safe, productive, and fun through technology, construction, and data. His interest in the correlation between how we work and the spaces in which we work drives him to be at the forefront of workplace design. His working relationship with multinational technology companies such as Boeing, Google, and Meta has allowed him to implement successful design strategies for various corporate and research paradigms.