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So you're ready to join NAIOP's Developing Leaders? Congratulations on a move that will benefit your career! But did you know that if you are the fourth or more person to join from your company — and in your same local chapter — you could qualify for a Corporate membership, which could save you even more money?

As you complete the online membership application, the dues calculator will automatically select the best dues rate for you. This means that you could join as a Corporate Affiliate member — if your company already has three members in your same local chapter. In some cases, it’s still most cost effective to join in the Developing Leaders category. Know that NAIOP will ensure that you are joining in the best and most cost-beneficial category for you.

Don't worry...if the best membership is an Affiliate member under your company's Corporate membership, you still have all the perks and benefits of participating in the Developing Leaders program, as long as NAIOP knows your date of birth (proof of birth date is required).

To ensure that NAIOP has all of your information, go to My NAIOP Account and fill it all in!

Questions? Contact a Membership Services Specialist at and get the full scoop.

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