Development Magazine Winter 2013

By The Numbers: E-Commerce and Retail Data

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From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

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Effective Workplaces Survey 

“U.S. workers are struggling to work effectively. A confluence of factors, from economic challenges to longer workdays, is compromising the ability to get work done.” So concludes Gensler’s “2013 U.S. Workplace Survey,” which represents the responses of 2,035 randomly sampled knowledge workers worldwide. How can developers, architects, and employers better design work-places to drive innovation, improve performance, and increase satisfaction, given new workplace realities? The report offers some tantalizing suggestions.

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Four Trends Spurring Growth of Inland Ports 

Inland ports that serve the Midwest and other interior sections of the country should continue to experience strong growth in the future, according to Curtis Magleby, senior managing director and regional head, U.S. Capital Markets West, for Cushman & Wakefield; Michael Berry, president of Hillwood Properties; and Stephen Crosby, president of CSX Real Property, all of whom spoke at NAIOP’s I.con: The Industrial Conference in Los Angeles in June.