Development Magazine Spring 2013

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A Look Ahead: Need Space? Consider a Cave 

Tenants in need of secure climate controlled space at affordable rates have another option to explore — if they’re willing to go underground.

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In Touch with Tenants: Four Powerhouse Tech Tools to Attract Tenants 

Developers and owners need a thoughtful and strategic marketing approach to attract tenants to a new project. However, if that strategy does not include at least four powerhouse tech tools, they could be missing some prospects, according to Rob MacLeod, president, Neoscape, a marketing firm with offices in Boston and New York.

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In Touch with Tenants: Six Trends Reshaping Law Firm Buildout 

Many law firms have been slower than their corporate brethren to adopt innovative techniques for maximizing office space at the lowest cost. Due to a more competitive law firm environment, and the desire to use money spent on office space elsewhere in the firm, change is coming to even the most traditional organizations.

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2013 Guide to Economic Development Authorities 

The economic development authorities listed in this annual guide can help you attract businesses to your area and to your developments.

From the Archives: Marketing / Leasing Articles from the Previous Issue

Example of a portfolio app on an iPad

On Business Tech Takes - Developer Goes Digital to Lease Office Building 

Electronic and social media marketing may not yet spell the demise of glossy brochures, tombstone ads and other traditional marketing techniques to lease commercial real estate, but they are additional and powerful tools that can be applied, along with more common methods.

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In Touch with Tenants - Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways to Retain Tenants 

No building owner wants to lose a creditworthy tenant, especially in this economy. But at the time of lease renewal, how do you keep tenants in place, especially when competitors are banging on their doors with a variety of offers? According to John Falco, principal, and Phil Mobley, vice president, Kingsley Associates, there are proven ways to achieve high levels of tenant retention.