Development Magazine Summer 2012

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Rockefeller Group Distribution Center, Tucson, Ariz.

On Business: Leveraging the Total Cost of Distribution 

When a prospect comes to you for new distribution space, be prepared to help the company with a raft of other issues related to the space. That was the message of a recent NAIOP Webinar titled, “Logistical Leverage: Trends Affecting Supply Chain, What it Means for Industrial Real Estate.”

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New Voices - Networking 101: Tips for Getting Ahead in the Business World 

Networking seems like such a natural activity for professionals in the commercial real estate industry. We are an intelligent, politely aggressive and outgoing group of entrepreneurs. But walking into a crowded room of people and not seeing a familiar face can be intimidating even to a “Type A” extrovert. How do you overcome intimidation?

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On Business Tech Takes: Rules of Thumb for Maximizing Technology 

Use technology to solve business problems, then audit the results to ensure you are getting what you need. This is the prescription of Scott Zimmerman, chief information officer MIS (CIO), CenterPoint Properties, Oakbrook, Ill.

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On Business - Eight Ways to Control Costs and Boost Profits 

Commercial real estate firms that are not fully using their IT professionals on both the business and technology sides of the company are potentially leaving profits on the table. Thomas Russo, CIO, Akridge, suggested eight ways the IT department can help control costs, enhance building efficiency and give the leasing department exciting things to talk about on building tours.


On Business Tech Takes - iPad Is Key Tool for Commercial RE 

For commercial real estate practitioners, one of the most powerful tools in their business arsenal may well be Apple’s iPad and the many apps that are now available.