Development Magazine Spring 2011

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On Business - Development Professionals In Short Supply When Market Turns? 

When the commercial real estate market turns and new development picks up, some companies may be hard-pressed to find the development professionals they need with up-to-date skills and experience.

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On Business - Healthcare Transformation Brings New Opportunities 

An aging population and the continuing shift to outpatient care should get the healthcare real estate sector back on track in 2011. We already began to see that during the fourth quarter, as total medical office building sales volume topped $1 billion for the first time in two and a half years.

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On Business - Is That Worker an Independent Contractor or Employee? 

Some companies are using independent contractors rather than hiring full-time employees. The reasons are simple: it saves costs and limits liability.

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First Look - U.S. Manufacturing’s Comeback 

For decades, off-shoring dominated the manufacturing industry, driven by Chinese factory wages that were a tenth of U.S. pay. Now, well-known companies, like Ford, General Electric and Caterpillar, and lesser-known companies such as Blessing and Bigelow Components are bringing jobs back to the United States.

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On Business - Exercise Great Leadership Through Downturns 

As the dust settles at the end of this downturn, what may well separate the winners from the also-rans is great leadership, plain and simple. At the opening session of NAIOP’s Development ’10 conference in Orlando, top CEOs discussed the effects of the downturn on their businesses over the past two years and what they were doing to weather the storm.

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First Look: Navigating the Seas of Social Media 

Want to use more of the social media tools out there and don’t know where to start? In a September Solution Series program entitled “Implementing a Social Media Policy and Plan in the Real World,” Dana Galvin, Barton Malow Company, outlined the program’s evolution and what strategies were used to reach their social media goals.