Chairman Larry Pobuda

At Closing - Getting Back to the Basics… 

During this economic downturn, many people talk of “getting back to the basics”, like minding the rent roll and focusing on our tenants. While we may not have lost focus on our tenants during the overheated days of cap rate compression and increasing property values, Larry Pobuda understands the concept of “getting back to the basics.”

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Worth Repeating Fall 2010 

Wisdom from Icon Online’s presentations; Solution Series programs on investment and transforming your service lines; and Webinars on the 12 strategies to prosper in the future and public/private partnerships.

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Chairman Larry Pobuda

At Closing - Time to Step Outside the Beltway... 

It’s easier to understand the issues that impact us in our backyard, yet a national battle is brewing that will impact everyone in the commercial real estate development industry - carried interest.

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Worth Repeating Summer 2010 

Wisdom from the Solutions Series online briefings, “An Upside to the Real Estate Downturn: Stronger Real Estate Firms;” Trends in Tenant Construction;” and “Unblocking the Liquidity Logjam.”