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Avoiding Hard Money Loan Scams 

Industry experts weigh in on avoiding hard money loan scams and steps you can take to discern credible lenders from crooks.

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Strategically Green - Balancing Green With Financial Results 

Building owners and tenants are reminded of the high cost of energy every time they open their monthly utility bills. Energy costs are the largest operating expense for most commercial properties, accounting for 25-30 percent of a typical building’s annual operating budget.

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CMBS Loans: Rising from the Ashes 

Even as delinquency rates continue to rise on existing CMBS loans, a new wave of commercial mortgage backed securities has begun to bring a taste of liquidity back to a parched market. But before you say, “Oh no, here we go again,” consider this: loan originators are focused on well-leased, well-located properties with seasoned sponsorship, and loan terms are stringent.

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Reinventing Finance 

While 2010 may not turn out to be a banner year for capital flows to commercial real estate, investors of all stripes do have a growing hunger for yield, which has led to an increasing willingness to wade back into the market. Still missing from the overall picture, though: a much-anticipated boom of dispositions/acquisitions of problem loans and distressed properties.