Retail Leasing in Office Buildings

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Release Date: March 2011
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office buildiing and retail

Office leases and retail leases are pretty much the same, right? Wrong! Even if you are a whiz at writing and negotiating office leases, you might make a costly mistake if you are not aware of the key differences between office and retail leasing. Matthew Weinstein offers tips about the key issues that office landlords and tenants must consider when leasing retail space in office buildings, including:

  • Amenity vs. profit center;
  • Tenant mix;
  • Dealing with common area maintenance; and
  • Signage.

As a bonus, he offers you a number of solutions to proactively handle sticking points that might come up in negotiations, such as condominiumization.

Presented by: Matthew Weinstein, Member, Business Law Department, Cozen O'Connor

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