Storm Protection for NYC and NJ, by HUD

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Release Date: June 2014
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bull dozer digging land for new construction

A massive, $350 million berm along Manhattan’s Lower East Side, an eight-mile-long system of dikes around the tip of Lower Manhattan, a $60 million living breakwater along Staten Island’s South Shore and a $150 million wetlands restoration project in the New Jersey Meadowlands are among six winning entries named in the “Rebuild by Design” competition last week. The projects will receive a total of almost $1 billion in federal funding, part of the government’s efforts to protect the region from future Hurricane Sandy-type flooding.

The winning concepts are "transformative and serve as blueprints for how we can safeguard the region and make it more environmentally and economically resilient," said then-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sean Donovan, who headed the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and was nominated to take over the federal Office of Management and Budget late last month.  According to HUD, “these inventive proposals are a blueprint for how communities can maximize resilience as they rebuild and recover from major disasters.”

For renderings of some of the New York projects, see “Massive New Storm-Protection Barrier Funded for Manhattan,” on the “Resilient Cities” blog.